Production of bed linen

We sew the following types of bed linen:

  • cotton
  • flannel
  • sateen
  • seersucker
  • bedsheet

We offer bed linen with the most fashionable patterns and varied colors. For sewing the sheets for quilts and pillows, we use the highest-quality cotton that guarantees your comfortable rest. It can withstand frequent washing and ironing and will keep its impressive appearance for a long time. Our offer also includes sateen bed linen, which is fine and silken. Sateen is produced of the highest-quality yarn, while its special weave gives it a gentle gloss.
A set of seersucker bed linen is a practical solution since it does not require to be starched and ironed. It is 100% cotton. It features modern patterns with fashionable and durable colors.
Flannel bed linen is soft and, first of all, warm. The advantages of such bed linen are: high quality, unique patterns and colors. It is 100% cotton.